About the Sulis Health Well

Soares__0043The Sulis Health Well is a hobby blog born from my experiences at work, in the classroom, and in Africa. I edit, write, research, and share information about complex problems in international development, food policy, nutrition, and global health.

The inspiration for this blog name is Aquae Sulis in Bath, England, which I visited while earning a Master’s in Comparative Politics at the London School of Economics.

Years after studying abroad in Kenya and amazing jobs at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University, I went back to graduate school for a Master’s in Public Health at George Washington University.

I created my own concentration within global health—food and nutrition security. This topic lacks an easy, one-size-fits-all solution because people approach, measure, and prioritize food security in different and conflicting ways:

  • public health experts document the double burden of obesity and undernutrition;
  • agriculturalists explore innovative ways to grow more crops;
  • nutritionists research the positive health impacts of diverse diets;
  • economists calculate the cost effectiveness of interventions to alleviate poverty;
  • environmentalistsconsider natural resources and the sustainability of food systems;
  • and people living in poverty seek dignified livelihoods so they have the chance to be healthy, nourished, and educated.

(An oversimplification, yes, but hopefully you get my point.)

Sulis was a goddess of water and healing, and the emphasis on health resonated with me. The Sulis Health blog offers snapshots about these vast topics so that others may more easily stay informed.

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